Seeking Expert Help with Your Taxes –
But Want to Keep More of What You Earn?

Do you need tax preparation and planning services to help you minimize your taxes while still meeting tax deadlines?

Do you want taxes to be as simple and painless as possible?

Do you want a proactive tax preparer that can assist you in discovering efficient and secure methods to decrease your tax burden?

If the answer to any of these questions was yes, you’re in the right place. This is exactly where you need to be if you want to learn more about how we can help you with your tax preparation, including making the filing process faster and easier while lowering your tax burden.

Every year, we are proud to serve hundreds of people and are able to help you save time and money while also lowering the stress that so often comes with tax season.

One fun local client we’ve helped avoid a potentially costly situation:


Romp n Roll LogoRomp n Roll, Katy TX, a gymnastic center for kids; found us through the neighborhood community group and enlisted our service. Two years down the road, there was a change in the tax code that required Sub Corporations (S Corps) and Partnerships file Schedules K-2 and K-3 with their tax returns to provide consistency in reporting to shareholders and Partners. We filed the required forms with their tax returns, the owners were so glad they have us in their corner and didn’t have to figure it out themselves and make unwarranted costly mistakes.

Our tax preparation services are our specialization, and we are able to serve a wide range of individuals and businesses with top-of-the-line financial planning services. Those we are able to serve include (but are not limited to):

  • Partnerships
  • S-Corps
  • C-Corps
  • LLCs
  • Sole Practitioners
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Ex-pats
  • Real Estate Investors

We are also able to serve those in challenging tax situations, such as:

  • Tax Returns Not Filed On Time
  • Tax Returns Requiring Amendments
  • IRS Correspondence and Potential IRS Penalties

It is always best to leave your tax return preparation looked through and organized by a tax professional with access to sophisticated commercial tax software. This can be used to verify the results of your returns against their knowledge of current tax laws.

Tax advisor helps to complete US tax form


We know that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, whether that’s in the form of a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC. The business entity type you set up will impact the federal and state forms that you will need to fill out for tax purposes.

For example, an LLC is taxed in a completely different way to any other business, which complicates the process further.

If you incorporated your company under the incorrect type of entity, you could end up paying far more tax than required. This is where we can come in and help you with the tax analysis process so that you can optimize your taxes and ensure you are meeting tax compliance regulations.

While it is important to prepare your federal and state tax returns, there are other taxes that you need to keep in mind. These can include franchise tax, payroll tax, and sales tax among others, and these will also vary according to the industry that you are in. Failure to manage these correctly can cause deadlines to be missed and your finances to become unorganized.


For us, keeping track of your deadlines and ensuring everything is in order is something we take pleasure in. We take care of your tax services so that you don’t have to, and we’ll ensure that any potential deductions are found, that alternatives are discussd with you, and all compliance work is completed correctly and on time.



As an expat, you know there are a whole set of rules and regulations that apply to you and that you will need to follow closely when filing your business taxes. We know how confusing and time-consuming that can be, which is why we offer comprehensive tax planning advice.


We will guide you through the whole process – everything from income tax and tax liability all the way to strategic tax planning so that you are always on top of the process. We have some fantastic expatriates on staff who share their knowledge with our clients so that everything is sent to your tax preparers in perfect order.

Close up view of bookkeeper or financial inspector hands making report, calculating


Tax preparation involves a great deal, and we are happy to guide our clients through the process. With regard to tax preparation and planning, we help our clients with the following services:

    • Prepare your tax return using our professional software
    • Fix your business or investment bookkeeping records, making them tax-ready
    • Make sure every possible deduction you might be eligible for is checked
    • Always ensure your tax return’s accuracy is perfect 
    • Review any red flags our tax software finds and ensure you are fully informed of any risk, review, or audit
    • Explain difficult jargon in an understandable way so you always fully understand the decisions you make
    • Electronically file any individual, corporate, and estate tax returns at local, state, and national levels to ensure any refunds are granted quickly. 
    • Provide you with a link that allows you to check on your refund status
    • Keep you updated regarding due dates within the scope of our engagement so you can stop worrying about whether you’ve forgotten to file something vital
    • Answer all of your questions and explain each of your options
    • Assist you with recordkeeping and investment gains
    • Provide year-round access to copies of your returns, making them available should you decide to purchase a home or take out loans
    • Provide availability via call or email year-round for additional tax questions or services
    • Aid you in adjusting your tax withholding amounts for next year
  • Calculate estimated tax payments so that you can reduce or avoid any penalties for next year
  • Make tax projections throughout the year, preventing surprises
  • Set up a physical meeting to determine ways to lower your tax bill for next year
  • Offer you deductions you may be able to take next year to reduce your taxes


Getting behind on your taxes happens, and the good news is that we can help. With our tax preparation services, the process has never been easier. You will have a professional tax preparer look over you paperwork and file your return for any previous year – even if you lost some of the records.

It doesn’t matter what your tax situation is like, we are here to get you through it. In addition to helping you understand state tax laws better, we can also help with proactive tax planning to make things easier in the future.

If you don’t file or pay your taxes on time, you are likely to accrue penalties. The issue with this is that the longer you wait, the more expensive and serious they become. Tax law is exceptionally serious, and when things get overwhelming it’s time to seek out a certified public accountant – like us.

Through this, you can form a payment plan with the IRS or state government, and tax professionals have even been known to be able to negotiate so that a portion of the monies owed can be forgiven. We strive to help you every step of the way so that tax time becomes easier.


A tax return may need to be updated for a variety of reasons. There might have been an error when it was initially filed. It’s possible that a tax regulation changed, and amending a return improves the taxpayer’s position. In any event, we can assist you if you need to make any changes to your tax return for any reason.

It’s not uncommon for people to need to make changes to their taxes, and people assume tax planning results in perfection every time. If your taxes need to be looked over again, there is no need to panic – tax planners deal with this every day and we can get to the bottom of it.


If the IRS has reached out to you, don’t worry. We can help decode their letter and figure out what they need from you. The notice could be something routine or it might be a larger issue like an audit. However, there is no need to start worrying until you have let our tax planning services take over and asses the problem.

We are here 365 days a year to help you through the process and to make tax planning and tax filing easier for you. IRS correspondence can be terrifying, but there really isn’t anything to worry about – especially with us in your corner.

Tax Accountant Advisor Man Doing Accounting


Tax filing can be exceptionally stressful, especially when you don’t have a tax planning professional to work alongside you. That’s why we’re here to help take the pressure off and guide you through the process so that you don’t feel lost.

Our team offers complimentary, no-pressured initial sessions to discuss how your business can maximize your bookkeeping and tax planning processes. Give us a call or send us an email and see how we can improve your business finances.