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Hand Over Your Bookkeeping Chores to Us

As a small business owner, you have a lot to deal with running your business. Accurate record-keeping is essential to every successful business, but it can also be complicated and time-consuming. We can help you with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping so that you can focus on your core business.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services 

Nowadays, bookkeepers refer to their work as “client bookkeeping services.” This is because they are responsible for keeping track of a client’s financial records. In the past, CPAs referred to this type of work as “write-up work” because they would have to physically write down or compile the numbers in order to generate a trial balance.

The term “outsourced bookkeeping services” simply means you’re entrusting your company’s books to another organization. Virtual bookkeeping services and cloud bookkeeping are two terms for online bookkeeping (as opposed to on your local PC).

No matter what you call it, whether it’s bookkeeping or handling the books, the information contained within is invaluable to running your business smoothly. Ensure that this data is accurate and processed in a timely manner for peak efficiency.

How You’ll Benefit

There are loads of benefits to hiring a bookkeeper to take care of your books.

 Peace of Mind

Bookkeeping can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. With our service, you can relax knowing that your books are being done right and that everything is in order.


A weight will be lifted off of your shoulders when we take care of your books – meaning you can focus on other areas of your business and let us worry about the deadlines. With us handling your finances, gone are the days when you’ll have to burn the midnight oil or work weekends. Instead, use that extra time wisely and enjoy yourself!

 Better Business Insight

With our financial reports, you’ll always be in the know about your business and can make decisions accordingly to improve it.

 Tax Time Is a Little Less Taxing

Save yourself the headache and stress of tax season by letting us organize your books for you. We’ll even talk to your tax preparer directly so that you don’t have to try to communicate in a language you’re not familiar with.

 More Profits

We can notify you if we detect potential waste, extravagant spending, or simply when things appear a little off to us. We can also assist you in lowering your risk and finding revenue opportunities in your organization.


Now that you’ve completed your bookkeeping tasks and deadlines, you may concentrate on your company and what matters most.

 Freedom from Supervisory Chores

We understand what it’s like to be a small business owner because we are too. What sets us apart from other bookkeeping employees is that we don’t require training or supervision and intangible benefits such as vacation days and sick time-off. We also won’t charge you for any mistakes we make or taxing’s related to our payroll. When you become our client, know that we appreciate your relationship with us and will work hard to maintain mutual trust.

Bookkeeping Services We Offer

Here are some of the bookkeeping services that we provide. We’ll develop a package of services that is ideal for your company and your budget. For us, no job is too little or too big.

This is a person reconciling her bank account statements.

Bank Reconciliations

Each month, reconcile your key accounts by comparing the balances in your bookkeeping system against your bank statement. This will account for any outstanding transactions and correct any discrepancies in a timely manner to keep your books accurate.

Two people discussing financial reports

Actionable Financial Reports

The goal of bookkeeping is to discover how your company is financially. For each month, we produce an income statement and a balance sheet for your business. These two important documents will allow you to analyze the amount of money and profit you’ve earned during the month.

There are a variety of reports that may be produced from your bookkeeping system to assist you to focus on an area so you can make wise business decisions about operational spending, personnel, marketing, capital purchases, and much more.

Two people discussing about Tax

Tax-Ready Numbers

We offer a free, no-obligation review of your books to ensure that they are in good order and ready for your tax preparer. We can make changes to entries and complete year-end tasks so you’re ready to hand over your accounting records to your tax advisor.

business finance and accounting concept

Sales Tax Collection, Filing, and Requirements

Some new entrepreneurs are surprised to realize that they have to pay more than just federal taxes when running a business. Depending on the products and services you sell, you may need to file and pay sales tax on certain items.

Bookkeeping professionals use the term SALT to refer to State and Local Taxes. This area has seen a significant transformation in recent years due largely to a court case in 2018 (South Dakota vs Wayfair, Inc.). This ruling resulted in states being allowed to collect taxes on online sales from out-of-state businesses, even if those businesses have no physical presence within the state borders. With this new source of revenue available, states are rapidly changing their requirements for tax collection and expanding what types of purchases are subject to taxation.

You’ll likely get a better outcome if you consult with an expert before filing your sales tax application. If you owe sales tax from prior years, there are various “holidays” and amnesty options that professionals will be privy to.

Financial Adviser Using CalculatorBookkeeping System Setup

Every business needs a bookkeeping system to organize and keep track of its financial records. Some examples of popular bookkeeping software solutions are QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, NetSuite, Sage, and Xero. Your company may even have an industry-specific bookkeeping system. The most important question is whether you have the best bookkeeping solution for your particular business model.

We’re here to help you every step of the way when it comes to your bookkeeping system. From training and software selection to setup and customization – we can do it all. Plus, if you’re looking to switch systems, we can handle that too with our streamlined workflow design.

We’re able to enhance your accounting system with additional features if it meets your basic needs but lacks certain functionality. Many businesses have dissatisfied customers who demand compensation for the inconvenience and time they spent dealing with an underperforming bookkeeping software program. We can help you become more productive by providing expert advice on the ecosystem of bookkeeping systems and applications.

Businessman Supervising Secretary in Executing Business PlanBookkeeping Controls

Many people think that being a good business manager is all about taking risks. However, much of it has to do with learning how to control the financial aspects of your company by maintaining a sound bookkeeping system. This begins with having appropriate security measures in place and extends to making sure that everyone on your team understands their roles and responsibilities. Those who work in bookkeeping call these “internal controls.” It’s an important part of every successful business.

Our team can help uncover any risks you might be unknowingly taking and put better measures in place to reduce your business risk overall.

Accounting Audit Bookkeeping

Catch-Up and Cleanup Bookkeeping Services

Don’t worry if your bookkeeping is a little (or a lot) behind! We can have it caught up in no time. We have several tools that may assist us import or scan in older transactions to make the task go quickly.

Are We a Good Fit for Your Bookkeeping Needs?

Our bookkeeping services are a great fit if:

  • You have outgrown your current bookkeeping provider and are looking for a new one
  • You have issues with your current bookkeeping system and/or your numbers look wrong, and you need professional assistance
  • Your books are behind or out of control, and you need help getting back on track
  • Your past bookkeepers haven’t worked out
  • You have too much to do and need someone to take a little pressure off
  • You need help with the more technical bookkeeping and tax matters
  • You need additional support to help train, supervise, and check the work and performance of current bookkeepers 
Bank Reconciliations

Each month, it’s important to reconcile key accounts, including your bank accounts, PayPal account, merchant accounts, credit card accounts, petty cash, and loans. The reconciliation is done by comparing your bank statement balances with the ones in your bookkeeping system, then taking into account outstanding transactions. Any corrections needed to your books can be made on a timely basis so that your balances remain correct.

Accounts Receivable

You may need help with invoicing, accounts receivable management, and collections. We can assist with the preparation and distribution of customer invoices, proper recording in the bookkeeping system, payment matching, payment recording, statement preparation, credit memo and refund processing, and collection of past due invoices.

We can generate reports to help you manage your customer records and accounts receivable better, including customer balances and aging reports. If you need help writing off uncollectible accounts or other adjusting journal entries, we can assist.

It’s important that you have the best billing system for your business. We can help with billing system selection, customization, implementation, and integration with your bookkeeping system. Plus, we can train your staff on the new system as well as review and improve your accounts receivable processes to make your business more efficient.

Accounts Payable

We’re here to help you with bill processing, including submission, document management, approvals, check writing, and payments. We’re experienced with accounts payable management and can make sure you have the best controls set up to give you peace of mind. We can perform some of the more advanced functions, such as three-way matching, automated payments, expense report processing, invoice fetching, vendor management, automated data entry, and more.

Accounts payable is an area where automation has streamlined the process, and we can help you stay up-to-date and efficient with these new processes.

Actionable Financial Reports

The whole point of bookkeeping is to find out where your business stands financially! We automatically generate an income statement and balance sheet each month for your business. These are key reports to help you measure the amount of revenue and profit you’ve made for the period.

Going deeper, there are many fantastic reports that can be generated from your bookkeeping system to help you hone in on an area so you can make smart business decisions about operational spending, staffing, marketing, capital purchases, and all of the things you need to know to run your business.

Tax-Ready Numbers

Our bookkeeping services will provide you with a clean set of books that you can use to prepare your federal and state tax returns. We can make adjusting entries and perform year-end tasks so that you’re all set to turn your books over to your tax preparer.

Sales Tax Collection, Filing, and Requirements

Many new entrepreneurs are surprised to realize that federal taxes are not the only taxes that they need to worry about when running a business. Depending on the types of products and services you sell, you may need to collect, file, and pay sales tax on items you sell.

Bookkeeping professionals call this area of service SALT, which stands for State and Local Taxes. This area is changing rapidly due to a 2018 court case (South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc.) which opened the floodgates for interstate tax collection on online sales regardless of whether you’ve stepped foot in the state or not. States are hungrily looking for more revenue, and this is driving rapid change in state’s requirements for collection as well as expanding what’s taxable.

It’s almost always better to consult an expert in this area – even before you file your sales tax application with the states. If you owe sales tax from prior years, there are many “holidays” and amnesty options that professionals will know about.

Bookkeeping System Setup

Every business needs an bookkeeping system to keep their books. Examples include QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, NetSuite, Sage, and Xero. You may have an bookkeeping system that is industry-specific. The most important question is whether you have the best bookkeeping software solution for your business.

We can help you with many aspects of your bookkeeping system: training to improve your efficiency, bookkeeping software selection, setup of new systems, improved customization so you can get better information, migration to a new system, and streamlined workflow design.

If your bookkeeping software meets your basic needs, but you need additional functionality, we can often solve that with an add-on bookkeeping app. There are now hundreds of add-on applications for your bookkeeping system that can improve a multitude of things: inventory, invocing, time-tracking, bill pay, reporting, and so much more. We have excellent knowledge of the ecosystem of bookkeeping systems and applications so that we can help you become more productive.

Bookkeeping Controls

Managing a business has a lot do to with managing the risks associated with being in business. With every good bookkeeping system (and where money is involved), it’s essential to maintain a proper set of controls. These controls start in your bookkeeping system and expand to your staff’s duties. Bookkeeping professionals call this “internal controls,” and it’s a core bookkeeping concept that impacts every business.

We can help you identify risks you may not know you’re taking and tighten up controls to help reduce your business risk.

Catch-Up and Cleanup Bookkeeping Services

If your bookkeeping is a little (or a lot) behind, don’t worry! We can have it caught up in a jiffy. We have many tools that can help us import or scan in older transactions to make the work go fast.

How to Get Started

It’s simple. We’re kind, knowledgeable, experienced, and enjoy numbers and deadlines! And in just three easy steps, we can get started:

  1. Get in touch. You can call, email, or schedule a consultation. Find our email and phone on the Contact page. We’ll schedule a free consultation so we can find out about your business and your current situation.
  2. We’ll ask you a few questions about your business and your current bookkeeping solution. Then we can provide you with a quote or a set of services or packages that are perfect for your business and your budget.
  3. Once you become a client, we’ll start the onboarding process. It’s quick and easy.

That’s it, and you can finally have peace of mind.