Bookkeeping Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in our bookkeeping service! We want to make sure that you get the best fit for your need, to that end, we have created this questionnaire, so we can get a clear idea of where you are starting and where you would like to go.

We really enjoy focusing on deep, long-term relationships with our clients, partnering with you on your journey to fulfillment, success, and profit. If you are just looking for basic bookkeeping services without the deeper strategy focus, we may not be the right choice for you.

    Getting to know your business:

    Entity Type:

    If you selected "Other" above, please specify:

    Principal Decision Maker:

    Internal Bookkeeper:

    Are you current with your tax filing?
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    What kind of services are you looking for?

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    Current Status:

    Platform (QuickBooks Online):

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    Books Closed?

    Have you worked with other accountants or bookkeepers in the past?

    If you selected "Yes", what kind of work have they done?

    What did you like from those previous professional services?

    What did you dislike from those previous professional services?

    Do you manage or track inventory?'

    Do you have employees and/or subcontractors? And how many of each?

    Who handles your payroll and associated forms?

    How are you taking draws?

    Do you pay yourself?

    Do you mix personal expenses with the business?

    Do you use industry specific software for invoicing?

    What is your business annual revenue?

    Do you have the financial resources to invest into gaining control of your company finances, and are you ready to make that investment?

    How often do you need to review financial reports (and feel a high level of confidence that the numbers are as accurate as possible; including: bank and credit card accounts reconciled, customer and vendor balances accurate, and/or inventory valuation is accurate)?

    How often do you expect to have a conversation with your external bookkeeper / accountant?

    How fast do you expect a call back or e-mail response?

    How much training, education, and/or one-on-one walkthrough are you expecting your external bookkeeper / accountant to provide?

    Do you collect Sales Tax?

    Do you file Monthly or Quarterly?

    Do you track or want to track income and expenses by a specific segment/location/division of your business?

    Do you track or want to track all direct expenses related to a customer/job?

    Do you have a budget? And how often do you Monitor Actual vs. Budget Reports?

    Do you pay sales commissions? (based on volume, profit, and/or other)

    Do you pay any performance bonuses based on financial results?

    How do you want to track your books?

    If you selected "Other/Hybrid", please specify:

    What are some things that we can do (or forget to do) that would be deal breakers for our relationship?

    If price weren’t an issue, how would you describe our ideal role in your organization?

    How did you hear about us?

    Anything else you would like to add? Questions, Comments, etc?

    After we send you a proposal with our price and scope of work, and you approve it… Ideally, when would you like for us to start working?