Small businesses in Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas are important to us. At Eftex Tax Solutions, we want to make sure everyone has access to professional business accounting services in Katy and outside of it. 

We ensure every client gets tailored services that will assist in the success of your business now and for many years to come. For example, one client we’ve grown alongside as they went from being a side business to now having expanded to a second office out-of-state is Glaser Photography.


Glaser Photography engaged our service as a bookkeeper when it operated as a side business. We have been keeping the books since and keeping the business compliant, which is the heart of the owner, John Glaser. In his words: “I want to do things right, I don’t want to be shady”. We have seen the business grow to have a studio in Katy Texas, and recently opened another studio in New York.


The best way to start and maintain a business over the years is to keep impeccable books and make the best financial decisions possible. Our experts are ready to help you navigate through all the financial details whenever you’re ready to go. 

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How Do We Help? 

At Eftex Tax Solutions, we provide small to medium-sized businesses with a customized plan with various services after reviewing your current setup and bookkeeping to point out areas where improvements can be made.  

We Offer Personal Financial Advice 


After over a decade of assisting people in the Katy, Texas, area and beyond, Eftex Tax Solutions has plenty of experience overhauling financial planning and correcting financial blunders with personal consultations in accounting services. 

  • Measure and monitor cash flow: We can review your current spending and analyze your output vs. input cash flow. This can help you see where you are overpaying and where you can spend a little more. 
  • Balance expenses: We can create balance sheets, find ways to pay off current debt, and cut back on expenses. Visual data makes it easier to see where you have wiggle room and where you don’t.
  • Create financial reports: We understand the importance of monitoring financial reports. You can use these to make more informed decisions moving forward. 
  • Track payroll: Our team can assist in creating an efficient payroll system and service that will ensure employees are paid accurately and on time. 
  • Develop future projections for profit: Experts at Eftex have an eye for future possibilities and can create projections for possible future business profit.  

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. The financial advice and services we provide are customized to each individual to ensure the most beneficial tactics are implemented. 

How We Differ from Accounting Software  


Many different types of accounting software on the market today are designed to help businesses manage their own accounting and financial activities. While many of these products are helpful in various ways, they can’t replace a financial advisor. 

Our accounting services will work with your entire team to ensure that you make the best financial decisions to positively impact your business’s future. 

While some software is designed to assist companies, it is a blanket program that only covers basic information.  

Eftex makes it personal. We build relationships with every client we work with to create trust and security. Your services with us won’t be a “fill in the blanks” program but a regimented, structured, and detailed solution to your financial needs. 

Online Bookkeeping and Accounting Services 

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to an accounting service allows you to have a third party look in on your current financial affairs to see how things are going and to act when necessary. 


We offer online bookkeeping for many reasons

  • Provides customer peace of mind: Eliminating the need to keep your own books. 
  • Provides better business insight: We provide accurate and thorough financial data to help your business grow and flourish. We can point out the tough spots you might not be able to see. 
  • Gives you more free time: Many of our customers love the extra time they have when allowing our pros to take over the mundane task of financial tracking and number crunching. We take the time to analyze your business’s finances so you can do more productive activities.  

Bank Reconciliation Services 

Eftex Tax Solutions offers a monthly bank reconciliation with your key accounts. We do this to ensure your bookkeeping is accurate and that every transaction is accounted for. If we find a discrepancy, it can be handled immediately to prevent future problems. 

Tax Preparation Services 

We take our time reviewing your books and ensuring your business is tax ready. We can quickly and easily amend entries when needed, complete any year-end tasks, and ensure you make it through tax season without hiccups. 

Financial Report Services 

Our main objective is to help your business succeed. For that very reason, we closely examine your financial records once a month to develop a detailed income statement.  

From there, our advisors will offer expert insight and suggestions on improving your spending for the next month, year, or even longer. 

You Maintain Control  

Our personal business accounting services can help you organize your bookkeeping and get it up to date if you have fallen behind. We do this with various tools and tactics, like scanning and updating transactions to speed up the process. 

We can also assess your situation to see where each team member holds financial responsibility and develop a plan to help them understand their role and what is always expected of them. 

Creating an efficient team will ensure the risk to your business is minimal. 

Do You Need a Business Accounting Service Consultation? 


How do you know when it is time to call in the professionals? While we like to think every business has expert accounting services on hand, many wait until they need financial assistance before reaching out. 

Here are a few reasons businesses in Katy, TX, have called Eftex Tax Solutions in the past:   

  • Their bookkeeping is behind and unorganized. 
  • Their numbers don’t seem to add up, and their accounting system is having issues. 
  • They are strapped for time and need help. 
  • They are struggling to stay out of the red. 
  • Their team isn’t working together well. 
  • Their current bookkeeper or accountant is no longer working out. 
  • They owe the IRS or have received an audit notice. 
  • They need assistance using accounting tools and software such as QuickBooks

Why wait until your business is at risk? Hire an experienced accounting service you can trust before it is too late. 

Why Is Eftex Tax Solutions Right for You? 

With tons of accounting services available online and in the traditional sense, it can take time to decide who to choose. 

Well, let us help you. 

Eftex Tax Solutions has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, providing professional accounting services and tax services to small and medium-sized businesses in various fields. 

We offer friendly, certified, quality service and a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experts will provide a quick and fair estimate tailored to your needs and budget.  

Call Us Now 

Contact Eftex Tax Solutions today to start improving the financial side of your business. Our accounting professionals are ready and waiting. 

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